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Lip Gloss

why i create...

Years ago, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and I struggled to find a way to channel my energy. One day, I randomly saw a celebrity with a gorgeous outfit on, but their earrings were dull in comparison. I knew I could make something that complimented a glamorous wardrobe but also had the versatility to attend major movie premiers or local get-togethers. So, I took my last $60 and invested in Pazzazz Designs.


The name "Pazzazz" came from the feeling I got when I made jewelry: happy, spirited, and dazzled.


I realized in an effort to find peace, I had started something that would grow into a true passion. The ideas for each arrangement flow freely, and it brings an incredible warmth to see my designs showcased to a satisfied customer.


Now I’ve added pure oils, an assortment of naturally scented body butters, and lip-gloss to my creations.

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